Sunday, March 2, 2014

COMC Feb Order - 1 of 9

I know I am not the only one in this boat, but I get a very high percentage of my cards from COMC.  Every once in a while I'll browse on eBay, but COMC is much more cost efficient for me.  There are a couple card shops in the area, but I have not had a chance to make a visit in a long while; it is on my agenda though.

I've decided to divide my COMC shipment into nine posts.  Why nine? Well, they are all baseball cards so that seems pretty self explanatory!

I felt the only appropriate way to start showing my shipment is with my favorite player growing up....Ken Griffey Jr.

love the look of the bottom two

can never go wrong with some UD Masterpieces

can never forget the amazing, wrist breaking catch that The Kid made early in his career
I've always been a fan of the SP cards...clean, classy

the Fleer Gamers cards is a good looking card IMO

Definitely very pleased with these additions to my Griffey collection!!

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