"We Are Family" Project

^ Here is a link to how I got the idea for this project ^

I will be posting all of the cards that I have and need to complete this project.  If you have any of my needs, speak up!  I'll gladly send a package your way!

My goal is to get a 1979 card of every player who played a part in the "We are Family" team.  I realize that not every player will have a 1979 card so for those special cases, I will try to acquire a 1980 card of said player.

Below is a roster I found from Baseball Almanac.  This will be my checklist for the project.

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates Official Logo
Complete Roster
26Jim Bibby6-05235RightRight1944-10-29
22Bert Blyleven6-03207RightRight1951-04-06
45John Candelaria6-07232LeftLeft1953-11-06
41Joe Coleman6-03195RightRight1947-02-03
17Dock Ellis6-03210RightBoth1945-03-11
23Grant Jackson6-00190LeftBoth1942-09-28
25Bruce Kison6-04178RightRight1950-02-18
44Rick Rhoden6-03195RightRight1953-05-16
49Dave Roberts6-02197LeftLeft1944-09-11
43Don Robinson6-04231RightRight1957-06-08
15Enrique Romo5-11185RightRight1947-07-15
19Jim Rooker6-00201LeftRight1942-09-23
27Kent Tekulve6-04180RightRight1947-03-05
31Ed Whitson6-03195RightRight1955-05-19
16Steve Nicosia5-10185RightRight1955-08-06
14Ed Ott5-10198RightLeft1951-07-11
35Manny Sanguillen6-00193RightRight1944-03-21
4Dale Berra6-00190RightRight1956-12-13
10Tim Foli6-00179RightRight1950-12-08
3Phil Garner5-10177RightRight1949-04-30
5Bill Madlock5-11185RightRight1951-01-02
8Willie Stargell6-02½225LeftLeft1940-03-06
6Rennie Stennett5-11175RightRight1951-04-05
10Frank Taveras6-00168RightRight1949-12-24
36Matt Alexander5-11169RightBoth1947-01-30
24Mike Easler6-01196RightLeft1950-11-29
17Lee Lacy6-01175RightRight1948-04-10
34John Milner6-00185LeftLeft1949-12-28
18Omar Moreno6-02180LeftLeft1952-10-24
39Dave Parker6-05230RightLeft1951-06-09
28Bill Robinson6-03205RightRight1943-06-26
44Doe Boyland6-04200LeftLeft1955-01-06
2Gary Hargis5-11165RightRight1956-11-02
37Alberto Lois5-09175RightRight1956-05-06

Need - Jim Rooker, Steve Nicosia, Dale Berra (have the '79 Pirates Prospects card that feathers Berra, Cotes, Wiltbank), Bill Madlock, Matt Alexander, Mike Easler, Doe Boyland, Gary Hargis, Alberto Lois

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