Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My First Cutch Relic

I've been wanting to get a Andrew McCutchen relic for a while.  A few weeks back, I was able to find one that is decent priced.

I really like this card.  It's a sharp looking card, as Topps Tribute usually are, and a black jersey piece for the relic.  Definitely a solid first Cutch relic for my collection.

on-card auto
I was also able to pick up this GI Jones on-card auto for a few bucks from the same seller.  Jones was very frustrating at times, but he did give us some thrills and for how cheaply the Pirates picked him up for, I'll take definitely take it.  He was always a nice guy anytime I met him at various event and the girls certainly don't mind looking at him! Hope he has another resurgence in Miami!

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