Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another eBay Mail Day

Last week, I had some time to kill so I was on eBay Mobile seeing if I could get lucky and find a David Price relic and/or autograph.  Here is what I came up with...

Price 24/36
I really like the larger Triple Threads jersey relics.  They are bigger than your standard jersey relic, but do not take up the entire card.  Plus, I like the Triple Threads line in general.  This Price card (24/36) set me back $6, but it was one of the better buys I could find.  

Surprisingly, the Rays did not deal Price this offseason, but still having him makes their starting rotation that much stronger. You have a young trio of Cobb, Archer, and Moore plus Price....good luck matching up with that over a seven game series!

The other two cards, Adrian Beltre jersey relic and Andrew Jones jersey relic, only cost $2 each so well worth the combined shipping!

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